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Fridge Calendars

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      Fridge calendars provide a nice way of keeping your business in your clients’ minds.  Perth Printing, WA is a perfect solution provider for you. Rather than make flyers and business cards always, you can give your customers some fridge calendars. These are items they could keep using all through the year.

      Perhaps you do not know that promotional fridge calendars are very effective advertising tools. They are inexpensive and the most economical means of distributing promotional content in Australia. As well, fridge calendars are ideal for reinforcing brand recognition and can market you in the long-term. Fridge calendars can be bought as gifts for clients and prospective customers any time. As well, you could make these more impressive by adding logos and images to create instant awareness. Printed on thick 350gsm card boards backing, with a tiny magnet (25x25mm), these marketing instruments are cost-effective and dependable.

      Visit us and we will guarantee a very top quality product at an affordable price. Call or email our customer care team for more information.