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    Teksoftprint employs the latest 3d printing technology and can bring your ideas to life at an affordable price and with fast turnaround. Whether you need a custom model designed or already have a digital file for printing, contact us for a quote!
    3D printing has almost unlimited possibilities and can be used to create models for  promotional/educational, high tech components and industrial applications. Teksoftprint currently uses high-end 3D printers which are perfect for most prototyping and 3D printing applications. These include:
    •    Custom designed models
    •    Fast Prototyping for Industry and businesses
    •    Educational and entertainment
    •    Toys, gifts and promotions
    Advantages of 3D printing
    3D printing your model is a fast and easy process compared to traditional manufacturing processes. This gives you greater control over the end result at a lower cost. Other advantages are:
    •    Customisation
    •    Fast turnaround
    •    Complex geometry